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your family

We are a small community who work together and support one another to achieve our goals. We pride ourselves on being fun and sociable. You are not just signing up to a gym, you are signing up to a fitness family.

Expert coaching

your technique

To maximise your performance and potential, every workout is guided by our expert coaches. Good technique is essential to prevent injury and for progression. Learn how to lift from the experts.


your drive

Do you struggle to get yourself to a regular gym? Not sure what to train or how? We do the hard work for you. Our expert coaches programme all your workouts. The easiest and most efficient way to get fit.


We are a team passionate about fitness. Our vision is for every workout to be efficient, safe and fun. This is why we programme every workout, ensure correct technique and turn our gym into a community. We want to make every workout count.


Mitch has been working within the fitness industry for over 10 years. A dedicated athlete with exceptional knowledge and a degree in sports fitness and coaching, he ranked 1st in the UK in the 2017 and 2018 CrossFit open and has competed successfully in the European CrossFit regional for the last 5 years.


Ronnie works as a full time doctor. She is proof that fitness can be achieved even with full time work and an erratic working schedule.


A CrossFit class that incorporates constantly varied movements, meaning no class will be the same. Every class is coached by one of our expert dedicated coaches, they will teach you correct technique and provide you with the best workout experience every time you attend. Be prepared for running, rowing, body weight movements, weightlifting, core, strength training, mobility and a whole lot of sweat.

Strictly Come Lifting

Weight lifting is a vital part of fitness and CrossFit, our weightlifting classes aim to teach you the complex techniques of Olympic weightlifting by looking deep into the snatch and clean & jerk. The class incorporates a lot of strength work with plenty of squats, deadlifts, presses and many other strength exercises.


This class is designed to improve your aerobic capacity and improve cardiovascular fitness. It combines elements of high intensity interval training with long 'keep moving' workouts.

CrossFit Compete

For the more experienced, these classes will pay more attention to the more technical and advanced CrossFit movements.



1 month

- Access to unlimited 9.30am classes
- Unlimited Open Gym access

CrossFit Bronze


1 month

- Access to 2 classes per week
- Includes all class types
- Unlimited Open Gym access

CrossFit Silver


1 month

- Access to 4 classes per week
- Includes all class types
-Unlimited Open Gym access

CrossFit Gold


1 month

- Access to 6 classes per week
- Includes all class types
- Unlimited Open Gym access

CrossFit Platinum


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